Science Earth Day Friday: Smog on the Prairie


You’ve probably seen one variation or another of this picture, of the natural gas flares in North Dakota visible from space. But the pollution isn’t just from the development of the fracking to get at the oil, it’s also from lignite coal. Which is the dirtiest of the three main types of coal there are.

This picture gives an idea of the toxic gases spewed out in to the air


Years ago, people in that part of the country used to take great pride in the fact that they were not, similar to Cleveland with a river that caught on fire; or Pittsburgh with smokestacks turning the air brown; or the most evil (in their minds), Los Angeles, and its Smog.

Here’s the video, the screen capture is from

They say that different traits skip a generation, but I’m not sure if that’s true. Because if it were true, where’s the next Art Link?

Art Link was a Democratic governor about 40 years ago when Democrats were actually Democrats and they weren’t the invertebrates (spineless) they are today. Think of it this way, imagine Barack Obama as a governor, and imagine the exact opposite. And what you’d come up with, is a person like Art Link.

More here

…  in November of 1972, we elected a Governor who did care, Art Link. With his leadership over the next 8 years, we were able to enact the nation’s strictest mined-land reclamation laws, and surface owner protection laws. Those were two major concerns. Prior to Art Link’s time, the coal companies were just stripping off the topsoil, scooping up the coal, and leaving big open pits and big mounds of dirt all over what we called “coal country.”

Seriously, there’s more good stuff at this link


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