The largest street gang in america: part 4

I don’t mean to criticize all law enforcement, because they are us, and there are bad people in this world who need to be policed. And most of law enforcement officers go to into this work because they felt a calling to be the ones on the front lines of a societal need, and to be there for the community. But at the same time, there are others who use this occupation to act out on biases, and feed a personal ambition that takes precedence over what is the overall good for society.

And, eventually I’ll get into the politicians who’ve created this broken system by creating and exploiting fear.

But first, part one of this compilation of clips of cops out of control

Here’s the entire video

And here’s a synopsis

This video is a broad stroke. As with every snapshot of a group, it should be understood that it is not an attack on each individual within that group (except of course for those barbarians that were in the video). Rather it focuses on the organization as a whole. And the truth is that this organization is producing an increasingly destructive force in our communities. To see them operate reminds me of a street gang more than anything else.

When a cop is more concerned with extracting fear or respect from citizens then with upholding the law, the line between cop and mobster begins to blur. They demand that everyone simply roll over and do as they say. If that compliance isn’t gained immediately, honor is replaced with ego and the abuse ensues.

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