Battle over bears heats up again at Lake Tahoe

Battle over bears heats up again at Lake Tahoe

Updated 8:25 am, Tuesday, May 26, 2015

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A Las Vegas man will ask a judge this week for a protective order against bear advocates at Lake Tahoe, saying they harassed him after he initiated efforts to trap a bear that damaged his vacation home.

My guess is, the real story as to why he has trouble with bears, is farther down in the article

O’Donnell said wildlife officials told him a bear was being attracted by dog food in his garage and he began putting it inside the home earlier this month. Vacationers who rent his Incline Village home and only weekly garbage pickups in the summer may be contributing to the problem, he added.

They (renters) just throw pizza boxes in the trash and don’t know they’re supposed to keep them inside in a sealed bag,” he said, adding twice-a-week garbage pickups could help keep bears away from homes.

In most cases when a bear has damaged a home at Tahoe, the problem was caused by people, not bears, Kintz said. People attract bears by leaving out garbage or storing food in their garages.


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