Urbs Indomita

Even though I’m not a soccer fan (ok, football … uh, no) the Sac Republic, is right … it’s just right. Maybe it’s just me, but I would’ve never thought that brown and red as a sports team’s colors would work, but for them it does. And I love the uniforms, and the fans are what fans should be. Everything about them is, just right.

And the team song is kind of corny, but. it. works.

And the Rivercats are perfect as well. They’re the class of triple A baseball. I’ve been to games and everything about the whole experience is what you’d dream of what an afternoon or evening at a ballpark should be

So what does Urbs Indomita mean?

The Indomitable City – a name associated with Sacramento since its infancy because its citizens would not easily be subdued


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