Watch The Lost Fantasy Movie That Appeared in theaters, in the UK, Before Empire Strikes Back

Black Angel is legendary among Star Wars fans, but also fans of 1980s sword-and-sorcery movies. This short film about a knight returning from the Crusades, who has to enter a mystical realm and rescue a princess, was directed by Empire Strikes Back art director Roger Christian. And it was shown before ESB in Europe and Australia.

Black Angel has been lost for decades, but a print was recently discovered at Universal Studios. And now you can see this rare classic for yourself. This film is notable partly because it pioneered a new method of slowing down action scenes, called step-printing — which was then used for the lightsaber duel in Empire. It’s also credited with influencing the look of all of the sword-and-sorcery films of the 1980s. Pretty much nobody has seen it for 35 years, and we’re thrilled to be the first to share it with you, now that it’s on YouTube.

From the press release:

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