Anger surrounds bear shooting in South Lake Tahoe

A 78-year old man has been identified as the person responsible for killing a bear found off Pioneer Trail in South Lake Tahoe on Friday, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Janice Mackey, Information Officer for the agency, told South Tahoe Now that the bear who died was responsible for several South Lake Tahoe residential break ins that had been reported multiple times. “The break-ins caused a lot of documented damage,” said Mackey.

Again, I’d read in another report that this bear was after garbage that had been left out overnight by the neighbors. Bears are going to do what bears do, if you leave your garbage out, or not use bear proof containers, they’re going to eat food that’s left out and is accessible (like I’ve said before). In that report, the person admitted he went out of his way (at night) to confront the bear.

A family with a vacation home in the Minniconjou Drive neighborhood had seen a bear in their neighborhood on July 9, even taking some photos of him. On Friday, while out for a family walk, they found what they thought to be the same bear, lying on the ground, dead.

The family went home and called Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care (LTWC). Toogee Sielsch, a volunteer with the non-profit agency, met the family at the scene. “There is evidence showing the bear was shot in back while going up the tree,” said Sielsch. “I am not an expert, but have a pretty good eye for detail. I didn’t see any blood trail or droplets of blood which would happen if the bear walked to the area wounded.”


“He just wanted the bears to go away, and now one has,” said Bryant. “he was obsessed with wanting the bear dead. He called us constantly.”

“How can you feel threatened if a bear is running away from you?” she added.


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