The Top 10 Reasons to Consider Donald Trump

A Good Hair Day

A Good Hair Day

The Des Moines Register says that Donald Trump should “pull the plug” on his candidacy, even though he has surged ahead of the other Republican candidates. By calling Trump a “feckless blowhard,” the Iowa newspaper has expressed a clear preference for blowhards who possess feck.

I disagree with the Des Moines Register. Here are ten good reasons why Donald Trump deserves his party’s nomination:

1. He is the only candidate who could or would say “Blow me” to Sheldon Adelson, Chaim Saban and the Kochs. (I’m being serious.)

2. Trump is the peace candidate: Since no soldier in his right mind would fight for him, war would become impossible.

3. His nomination would be a great step forward for orangu-Americans.


The other seven at the link


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