Science Friday: The Yellowstone Volcanic Caldera – Earthquakes, Magma Plumes and Hotspots | Texas A&M Scientists Discover that the Neurons in the Dorsomedial Striatum are responsible for Alcoholism

This first image is a 3D view of a swarm of earthquakes plotted out by data from the USGS. The earthquakes seem to be pretty shallow, if you look to the left, 0 represents the surface. Click here for full size.

Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm

Next, is a visual representation of the magma plume below the surface

Next is a map of the hotspot, which has been moving steadily from the west to the east, over approximately the last 15 million years. Much like the hotspot in Hawaii has been moving over millions of years.

Yellowstone hotspot

The main reason the Yellowstone Caldera gets in the news these days is because someone says there’s going to be a super eruption and that tens of thousands of people (and wildlife) will be killed in the explosion and / or aftermath. That isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, for reasons given here, and here

Neuron responsible for alcoholism found

Researchers find neuron responsible for alcohol consumption, could stop cycle of alcoholism

September 2, 2015

Texas A&M University

Scientists have pinpointed a population of neurons in the brain that influences whether one drink leads to two, which could ultimately lead to a cure for alcoholism and other addictions. Their study finds that alcohol consumption alters the structure and function of neurons in the dorsomedial striatum, a part of the brain known to be important in goal-driven behaviors.


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