Bernie Sanders was on Colbert, and to me, gets an A+ on framing

I’m no Linguistics Prof, but I think he did well in reframing how he’s defined. He more accurately described what he thinks, and, and how he thinks of public policy. They talk about Denmark and how their policies are much better and equitable than ours. How Denmark has a better healthcare system where it’s cheaper and has better overall results. If Democrats are honest they’ll admit that the ACA doesn’t go far enough. And Republicans can’t argue against his overall point about the system, because  that’s all they’ve been doing since the ACA passed.

He talked about Denmark’s free higher education, which is brilliant because that will resonate with anyone of college age, or anyone who’s paying the tuition for anyone of college age. Or anyone who wants to further their education. And to have a more educated and higher skilled workforce benefits everyone else.

And he talks about childcare which neutralizes part of the “family values” crowd in the Republican party

In a minute and a half he reframed the entire debate


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