Hillary, the “Former” Republican, Is Desperate; Attacks Bernie Sanders on the One Program that will Save All Americans 40%


Three days after the fairly cordial second Democratic debate, Clinton’s campaign is mounting an attack against Sen. Bernie Sanders for proposals to raise taxes on the middle class that were part of the national single-payer health care bills he introduced in Congress.


I’m sorry but this is a Republican attack. And I hate to tell the establishment apparatchiks the truth, but contrary to the propaganda, people don’t dislike Hillary because she’s a woman — people dislike Hillary because she’s insincere, and will do, and say anything to further her ego and ambition.

She’s evidently a supporter of the ACA (Obamacare) which is better than the system we had before, but a poor substitute for single payer.

Watch this video to learn more. A few of the facts are out of date, but in general we’ll all save more money


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