Science Friday: The Storegga Landslide & Tsunami that Devastated Europe 8,000 Years Ago | How do we Sense Electric Fields?

Tsunami devastated Europe 8,150 years ago: Huge waves swept hundreds of miles down the North Sea after the last Ice Age

  • A huge landslide under the Norwegian Sea triggered the powerful tsunami
  • Waves of up to 65 feet high hit Iceland, Greenland, Norway and Britain
  • The tsunami was so powerful it swept all the way down the North Sea

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The “sixth sense:” How do we sense electric fields?

A variety of animals are able to sense and react to electric fields, and living human cells will move along an electric field, for example in wound healing. Now a team lead by Min Zhao at the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures has found the first actual “sensor mechanism” that allows a living cell to detect an electric field. The work is published Oct. 9 in the journalNature Communications.

“We believe there are several types of sensing mechanisms, and none of them are known. We now provide experimental evidence to suggest one which has not been even hypothesized before, a two-molecule sensing mechanism,” Zhao said.



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