The REAL War on Christmas – Who’s Really Living the Words of Christ: Social Experiments of Stark Reality on Video

In this first video, this guy asks for donations, I’m assuming somewhere along Market Street in San Francisco, and things don’t go well. So he goes wherever it is where there’s a higher percentage of homeless. And those people give, even though they literally have nothing

In the video below, he tests the honesty of random homeless people he runs across. Now, we’ve all seen the news stories of apparently homeless guys driving away in Cadillacs. But those stories aren’t representative of the other 99.999% of people who are actually homeless. Watch what happens

In this video, the homeless gentleman performs a random act of kindness and literally gives just about everything he has to safeguard a perfect stranger

Here’s your real war on Christmas, Fox “News”. When are you going to stop pandering to the fake hypocritical Christians and live according to Jesus’ words?


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