My Star Wars Theory (don’t read if you don’t want spoilers) Update x1

The first spoiler is directly from George Lucas’s mouth below

[Two updates – I added the video of Skellig Michael, and a Jar Jar video … yea, seriously, but not what you think]

Ok, so what does that mean to me?

From all the trailers, and a few video fan theories, I think that means that a) Rey, the new girl protagonist is the Granddaughter, and this one I’m not as confident about, is that Kylo Renn (sp?) the antagonist, is the Grandson. And that they’re the twin children of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Another plot theory, that I’m coming to believe is true, is that Kylo Renn is fascinated with Vader which we already know from the trailers, but also that he’s trying to gather mementos related to Vader and the Skywalker family, maybe as some sort of talisman. Anyway, the theory is that he’s in search of Luke’s lightsaber, the one that fell down the shaft, along with Luke’s hand in the cloud city. He’s looking for the lightsaber, not the hand. But what I think what happens is Rey, finds it first, and then the chase is on. And I don’t think they know they’re brother and sister.

But anyway, somehow she meets up with the new guy Finn, and then they need to escape, so who do they find to help them?  None other than Han Solo and Chewbacca.

So then they try to get away from Renn, and maybe they do initially, but eventually they have a hand to hand battle, literally Finn and Renn with the lightsabers. But I think Rey and Chewbacca get caught, and Chewie is severely injured, or possibly dies. Which is why in one of the trailers, Princess Leia is crying and being held by Han

I think somehow Han and Finn escape with r2d2, in a quest to find Luke. R2 does have a scene with Luke.

And the reason they have to find Luke is that he’s the only hope of saving Rey and the rebels.

One theory I don’t believe, that a lot of people do is that Luke has gone over to the darkside, but I don’t think it’s true.

What I do believe is that Luke is so powerful that he isolates himself from society because he’s afraid of his own power. And the clue that tells me that, is that his scenes were filmed on a small rocky cragy island off the coast of Ireland known for being a monastery, Called Skellig Michael .

And what do they do at a monastery? They pray, meditate, and contemplate, just as a Jedi would.

A theory that I think is probably true, is that Kylo Renn, at one time was an apprentice of his, and sometime during the teaching Renn went over to the darkside

These are just theories, and we’ll have to see if the guesses are close to being right

Now a Jar Jar theory




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