The John Oliver – Snowden report to keep in mind during the Apple vs FBI case

Marcy Wheeler explained what the focus of the interview should have been. Not so much about personal intimate photos, but more about “tangible things” (my interpretation of their idea of tangible things is, whatever they want it to mean).

What Snowden revealed was more about how the NSA uses §702 and E.O. 12333 to gather info, what he couldn’t reveal as much, was how the FBI and other US gov agencies can use §215 of the Patriot Act to gather info on common everyday American citizens.

I’ve said it before, my argument against all the info gathering isn’t so much that they have this info now, it’s more that there could be a hypothetical situation in the future where you made a donation, or made a comment in support, or in opposition to something controversial or politically incorrect and that action could be used against you in some way.

Please, don’t get too pedantic about the words “dick pic”, it’s just an example

Yes, Section 215 Might Be Used to Get Dick Pics — or Porn Searches and Dick Uploads






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