UC Davis Students Stage Sit-in to Demand Chancellor Resign over her involvement with private corporate boards

Linda Katehi has a tarnished right wing neoliberal corporate history. To be conservative isn’t a problem – vigorous debate by different ends of the political spectrum should be encouraged in colleges – but to use your own tax payer funded office to further her own bank account is.

Linda Katehi was Chancellor when the students discovered the admin was spying on the students and had created a neo cointelpro program to infiltrate and intimidate minority student groups into spying on, and turning on their fellow students who were merely protesting and speaking out on the mass escalation in tuition and fees. A group of students filed a public records act request to find about any involvement by the University against the students, the documents are here

She was also Chancellor during the infamous pepper-spray incident

As you can see, she has a pattern of putting her own self interest, and those who wish to repress thought and speech above the students, for whom she should rightfully be serving. Now, she’s turning her office into a money making machine for her own bottom line

DemocracyNow reports

Meanwhile, at the University of California, Davis, a student sit-in outside the chancellor’s office is entering its sixth day. The students are demanding Chancellor Linda Katehi resign over her involvement with private corporate boards, including the for-profit college DeVry University, the expensive textbook maker Wiley & Sons and the controversial Saudi school King Abdulaziz University, which has been accused of paying for affiliations with top professors in efforts to boost its global rankings.




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