Election 2016: How can so many smart Democrats be so stupid (i.e. it’s the economy, stupid)

[Update: if Trump does wind up winning, I called it seven months ago, almost to the day, (A hard read for a lot of people) How Dems Created a Liberalism of the Rich]

As I’m writing this Trump is leading on election night. I’ve wanted to write this for awhile, but I only have a short amount of time to put this together to really get into the weeds, but The Democratic candidate for president should be up by 20 points. The institutional Democrats decided that the weaker candidate would be their choice ‘come hell, or highwater’, well, that’s what they got.

They decided that cheating their way to a win in the primaries to promote the most neoliberal/neocon in US history was a winning formula to win the general.

I’m not gonna get into the neocon part of this (maybe at a later time) but the neoliberal aspect is what all the “smart” people can’t see. And why is that? Because as Thomas Frank has been warning for months, is that the Democrats have abandoned their base of blue collar working people who actually build things and do the work that needs to be done on a day to day basis.

They live in a bubble on the coasts, or the urban areas; go to their offices; drink their lattes; and act all smug and condescending; they make 6 figures and can’t figure out why the “common people” are voting for a wealthy narcissistic asshole like Trump. He is that, but people are worried about jobs and feeding their families; paying for healthcare; keeping a roof over their heads.

They’re angry and are reaching for someone who will fight for them.

Hillary Clinton represents NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP which they know will lead to the loss of their jobs.

They not only want a better life but to keep their heads above water.

They want someone who will upset the establishment’s apple cart, and if there’s no Democrat to do it, they’ll look to a Republican to do it

They want change

There’s more


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