Updated: #NODAPL How the “bad man” provision in the Fort Laramie Treaty & Terra nullius should be big legal trouble for DAPL & the Morton Cnty Sheriff

Update: I’ve added a few links and visual evidence in support of the information herein

First what the “bad man” provision is, in the video below. And how Terra Nullius should be seriously bad news for Energy Transfer Partners and the government agencies involved …

…  and especially for North Dakota law enforcement and all law enforcement agencies that have participated in the carnage and brutality of the past year.




And if you’re a North Dakota taxpayer, you could be on the hook for hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars because of the “Bad Man” provision. There’s been a lawsuit filed by the National Lawyers Guild in federal court (complaint here). For those in North Dakota that cheered on the brutality, and I know there were many, these are called ‘consequences’ for your actions

By the way, DAPL / Energy Transfer Partners, get ready for lawsuits


On to the second half of this post

According to my non-lawyer understanding, the 1868 Treaty abrogated the 1851 Treaty (which is illegal if you click the link below) by reducing the boundary from below the Heart River to Standing Rock’s current borders, which is where Terra Nulllius (legal defintion) should prevail, because the land was NEVER ceded legally to the US Gov



November 14, 2016

If treaties are the supreme law of the land, as the U.S. Constitution states, then how is it that treaties can be so easily broken by a government that claims to uphold a respect for the law? An even more unsettling question: how is it that the trail of broken treaties has been able to span generations under an outdated, imperial logic unknown to the majority of the U.S. citizens? The founding of the United States is predicated on this painful contradiction between principles of equality and rule of law on one side, and the colonial appropriation of land from native peoples who have inhabited them for millennia, on the other.

The current resistance against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is inscribed in this contradiction, making evident the non-rule of law when it comes to appropriating native lands.


Lots of good info at the link below. Again, I’m not a lawyer, but I think they have a case using Terra Nullius


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