Jordan Chariton Destroys Blatantly Pro DAPL North Dakota “Reporter.” Then, my response to him as well #NODAPL

Chris Berg is a smarmy condescending arrogant former stuck-up jock QB, and one of the former Executive Directors of the State Republican party.

Chris Berg IS North Dakota.

He’s a perfect personification of all those same traits in a significantly large amount of North Dakotans. They will unequivocally tell you that if they were a country they would be the third most powerful country in the world; they will tell you, and believe it from the bottom of their heart, that they live in “God’s Country,” and by extension, are God’s Chosen people. Don’t believe me, spend some time in a bar on a weekend, and listen to the conversations.

I can say these things because I used to be one of them, I’ve lived there. I drank the kool-aid, and believed there was something different and superior, about the people who lived inside of those artificial made-up lines on a map written by DC politicians 140 or so years ago.

But I’ve matured, unlike Chris Berg.

I think we’re all one people, and one humanity. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves and our family, but to our neighbors, whether they’re next door, down the road, downstream of our waterways, or around the world, and to the environment. To paraphrase an old proverb, we don’t inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

North Dakotans used to be very proud of leading the nation in being the cleanest, most pollution free state. Rick Berg probably wouldn’t remember this, because he seems like the guy who made his girlfriend do his homework, but former Gov Art Link enacted strict legislation on the energy companies to return the land to it’s former state before any development could take place.

Just about all the people there, used to be friendly and helpful to strangers Now many, if not most, of North Dakotans have changed. They’ve become greedy and spiteful, and have cheered on the police brutality, all in the name of dollar signs.

I have family members who’ve been politicians, and prominent citizens there, and I have to say, from my perspective, the actions of law enforcement and the political establishment have been deplorable and repulsive. Alexander McKenzie would be envious of their tactics (99% of the people reading this have no clue what that means, but the 1% who do, know exactly what I mean)

All of Chris Berg’s arguments/questions are specious and and duplicitous.

I could go on and on about the leaks from the wells, and about explosions from the wells, and pipelines. I could go on about the pipeline rupturing next to the Yellowstone River in Montana, or about the leaks and spills into the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers near Williston. Or the recent rupture of the Belle Fourche (Bell Foosh) pipeline into Ash Coulee Creek, which btw is a tributary of the Little Missouri, which flows through Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park (ironic, because TR was a true conservationist.)

I could go on and on, but riddle me this, Chris Berg, how do you explain away the 6,600 spills from fracking in just four states, as being safe for the environment, to say nothing about the danger to human health?


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