Science Friday: 3065 watts = the power of The Force | Famous tree-climbing lions of Uganda roaming farther as prey animals decrease

Vader Rogue One.gif

In Which We Literally Calculate the Power of the Force

If you’ve seen the movie, you know about the awesome scene at the end where the Sith Lord opens a can of whoop ass on some Rebel troopers. Vader uses the Force to pin a rebel against the ceiling and hold him there for just a while before slicing him with his light saber. That seems excessive, but I guess Vader wanted to make the rebel wait awhile before killing him because the Dark Side makes you cranky.

To calculate the power needed to lift this poor fellow, I can estimate how high Vader lifts him and at what speed. If I guess that the rebel is 1.75 meters tall (the average height of a man here on Earth, so I’ll assume the same holds true on whatever planet the rebel calls home) then I can get an approximate scale for the scene. With that, I can use video analysis to plot the vertical position of the rebel as a function of time:

The math is at the link

Famous tree-climbing lions of Uganda roaming farther as prey animals decrease

Lions in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park have fewer prey and smaller pride sizes as a result

May 12, 2017
Wildlife Conservation Society
Scientists in Uganda studying the behaviors of the country’s famous tree-climbing lions have found that the home ranges of lion prides in the study areas have increased over time as they search farther for diminishing numbers of prey animals.


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