So, in the beginning there was a blog. Lol.

Just a forewarning; there will be people who will get upset with what I type on here. I’m going to criticize those who hold power no matter what their sacred political party is. Republicans as well as Democrats will hopefully feel at least a little heat for selfish career advancing decisions.

The following two videos are ‘must watch’ for the thinkers and critical thinkers

[Edit: I don’t know why the videos aren’t embedding, but the first is George Carlin on The Owners of this Country, and the second is a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail]




As I’ve said the cynics were the original people holding those in power accountable

The precise source of the term “Cynic” is, however, less important than the wholehearted appropriation of it. The first Cynics, beginning most clearly with Diogenes of Sinope, embraced their title: they barked at those who displeased them, spurned Athenian etiquette, and lived from nature. In other words, what may have originated as a disparaging label became the designation of a philosophical vocation.

They are especially harsh critics of dogmatic thought, theories they consider useless, and metaphysical essences.



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